Argonne Leadership

UChicago Argonne, LLC

  • Robert J. Zimmer, President, the University of Chicago; Chairman, UChicago Argonne, LLC
  • Eric D. Isaacs, Executive Vice President for Research, Innovation and National Laboratories; Chief Executive Officer, UChicago Argonne, LLC Board of Directors


The Argonne Directorate consists of Argonne’s most senior managers. They are:

  • Paul Kearns, Laboratory Director
  • Kim Sawyer, Interim Deputy Laboratory Director and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Associate Laboratory Directors

Associate Laboratory Directors report directly to the Argonne Directorate. Each Associate Laboratory Director manages a number of research divisions. Argonne’s Associate Laboratory Directors are:

  • Stephen K. Streiffer, Associate Laboratory Director, Photon Sciences
  • Rick L. Stevens, Associate Laboratory Director, Computing, Environment and Life Sciences
  • Michael R. Norman, (Interim) Associate Laboratory Director
  • Jeffrey L. Binder, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Global Security
  • Suresh Sunderrajan, Associate Laboratory Director for Science & Technology Partnerships and Outreach

Other Key Personnel

  • Glenn E. McKeown, Interim General Counsel
  • Elizabeth Dunn, Director, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
  • Jeffrey Purnell, Chief Financial Officer
  • Julie Nuter, Senior Director & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Stu Hannay, Senior Director, CIO
  • Gail Stine, Senior Director, Infrastructure Services
  • Megan Clifford, Chief of Staff