Promoting National Innovation

One of the world’s premier research universities, the University of Chicago has contributed its expertise as the prime contractor for Argonne National Laboratory since the lab’s founding in 1946. In its stewardship of Argonne, UChicago has significant impact on research and innovation in the region.

Since 2007, the University of Chicago has supported Argonne with over $11 million in direct investments in:

  • Joint UChicago-Argonne institutes and centers collaborative seed grants
  • Joint appointments, recruitments, and other supporting investments leadership training
  • UChicago scholarships and tuition remission to children of lab employees
  • In-state funding for new lab facilities shepherded by UChicago
  • Other direct financial support from UChicago and its partners

The University of Chicago invests in the national scientific agenda through its stewardship of Argonne.